One of life’s biggest question, what in the world is a NetSuite Administrator? The NetSuite Administrator is a critical and increasingly emerging job function for any business that operates using the NetSuite ERP & CRM platform.
Let’s start with NetSuite, a business and their objectives. The primary reason a business makes the decision to commit to NetSuite is for the on-demand access to a powerful, scalable and comprehensive business management tool.  The end goal being the empowerment of their personnel with tools and insights for improved business operations and efficiencies. A product that, as advertised, can provide all roles with the potential to drastically change the way they operate their day to day business life and vastly increase the potential for growth.
To effectively and continuously maximize the NetSuite platform, you need a very talented someone with a particular set of skills (queue Liam Neeson) to determinedly connect with all the necessary parties of the business and architect the plan for ongoing NetSuite deliverance.
This individual, through highly tactical communication efforts, strives to absorb department specific needs, processes and challenges (sometimes extremely complex); then commence to take all the known variables, predict the unknown, and creatively outline, design, produce, implement, train and predicate NetSuite based solutions.
This special someone goes by many names (Systems Manager, Business Analyst, Financial Systems Analyst, Business Systems Director, NetSuite Guru) but for our intentions we’ll call them the NetSuite Administrator.
Successful NetSuite Administration requires the following skills and experience.

1) Highly Effective Communicator
Communication in all forms and levels is critical for the NetSuite Administrator, being able to truly find the needs of their audience, articulate the possible solutions and recommendations, in a professional manner. Being patient and sensitive to the challenges faced, and foreseeing and planning for the disruption new systems and processes may and will pose.
2) Programming & Software Development (primarily JavaScript)
The NetSuite platform provides a JavaScript based API (SuiteScript) for the automation and enhancement of your business processes and needs. In addition, SuiteTalk allows for the integration of Web Services applications for a seamless and succinct business application ecosystem. Strong IT and Software Development skills are essential for your NetSuite Administrator to possess.
3) Operations (Business specific) or Quick Learner
Operations is the number one variable when jumping from business to business, although more consistent throughout industries, every business is a bit unique from an operational or supply chain perspective, which is why I included ‘Quick Learner’ in the skill-set. Getting inside a business, and quickly absorbing their current processes, from the big picture to the transactional detail is, yes, essential to the NetSuite Administrator Role, and where the highest potential of value-added lies. Be careful, although a business’ operational processes may not be rocket science, they can be rather complex sometimes.
4) Accounting & Finance
If nobody else in a business lives in NetSuite, you can count on accounting to be using the system.  Having a finance or accounting background can be an invaluable addition to having the right discussion and insights for making sure a business is harnessing the NetSuite tools correctly, and unlocking potential in the best way. Work closely with accounting to use NetSuite for sustained financial health, growth and visibility.
5) Project Management
Enhancing the Project Management features, customizing them for a business needs and training the PM’s can gain anyone a lot of favor for your overall NetSuite Administration contributions.  Project Managers have 1000 things going on at once, so providing them with on-demand tools, with the necessary information explicitly laid out and formatted is your best bet to success.  You’ll also need your own personal Project Management skills to manage your own NetSuite work load and solutions and ongoing wish list.
6) Solutions Architect
This is more a personality trait then a skill per say, but I decided to include it on the list. On top of all things, a successful NetSuite Administrator needs to be solutions oriented, that means digging into a challenge and delivering a packaged solution with a ribbon on top.  Navigating the imminent obstacles gets tricky, but to succeed you’ll need to possess an unrelenting, see it to the end attitude.
7) Business Writing & Content Development
Okay, you’ve come up with an amazing tool which solves the massive business challenge which has been a topic of contention for years, now what to do.  Developing professional business documentation is part of the overall solution package and must be included. Using whatever documentation platforms a business has (I Strongly Recommend Sharepoint) post the documentation and any additional references or training content. There are always different types of learning personalities so try to create both written and video content for training resources. Making sure to walk through each step of a new tool or process and outlining multiple scenarios, as to attempt to cover as most as possible future questions and issues.
8) Sales & Marketing
If a business is utilizing NetSuite CRM then you’ll likely be close with VP of Sales, COO or whomever oversees Forecasting, Pipeline and Sales Operations. Use the available Sales and Marketing Tools and customize as needed to create a powerful CRM platform for visibility and growth.  And remember it always helps to be close with Sales!
9) Human Resources
Let’s talk HR, a successful NetSuite Administrator needs to wear their human resources hat occasionally and consider the unrealized value many businesses are challenged with by not utilizing the available and potential NetSuite human resource tools (SuitePeople).  Providing and Training the right people to consistently leverage the NetSuite HR Functionality for short and long term benefits.

The above skills are hard to be found in a single employee, OrangeLight Solutions believes in providing an alternative option for businesses to provide a dedicated team-based approach to managing your NetSuite platform.  Our diversely skilled and highly capable team members will work with and on your behalf to source the challenges, design, implement, document and train the solutions. We offer flexible month to month plans to easily scale up and down depending on your current NetSuite needs, holding the balance between your needs and cost effectiveness. Our number one goal is building trust for long term mutual growth.
Ultimately in our eyes, the job of the NetSuite Administrator isn’t to be the translator between NetSuite and the rest of the business, but to do all things necessary to facilitate the best use of the system by everyone in a business.  To ensure a business can recognize the obvious and sometimes less obvious potential and value of a NetSuite systematic approach to the management of your day to day business operations.
Submit a NetSuite Estimate request or contact form today and we’ll reach out with additional information as soon as possible for our outsourced NetSuite Administrations and On-Demand Support Services.  Leverage the OrangeLight team to leverage your NetSuite potential.