Change Order Management Module

Change Orders are (in the simplest terms possible) any type of modification to an agreed upon initial contract (mainly services or cost).  Change Orders are important transactions within the life of a Project, and although they are separate from the initial contract agreement, they are tied to the initial contract and need to be tallied in unison, while always having the ability to maintain and separately distinguish specific Change Orders within a Project and Change Order Totals.

For many businesses, it’s critically imperative to manage Change Orders and to track the following key information for a project – initial contract value, change order accumulated value, current contract value, as well as margins associated with Change Orders.

OrangeLight, has created the NetSuite based Change Order Transaction Module for the ability to create, track, analyze and have an overall comprehensive  tool for your business’ Change Order Management needs.


  • Create and Edit Custom Change Order Transaction from Project
  • Client Facing AIA compliant Print Ready PDF Change Order Form
  • Change Order System Approval & Custom Approval Routing
  • Upload Approved Change Orders and link to Original Contracts
  • Project Summary Fields for On-Demand Project Change Order Review
  • Change Order Log On-Demand Live Reporting


Change Order Transaction

The Change Order Transaction is created from the Project Interface using the New Change Order button, the change order includes key data entry and calculated fields along with full line Item (sub-list) functionality for the ability to detail cost as well as sell for Change Order Profit and Margin insight and quick glance analysis. The change order transaction also has capability for system user notes and adding attachments for backup and auditing as well.

The Change Order Transaction captures all necessary information to submit a Change Order for approval internally and externally, for an efficient Change Order full life cycle and system management.

Client Facing AIA Compliant Print Ready PDF Change Order Form

The custom Change Order transaction allows the user to have a print-ready form (available within any status) the OrangeLight Change Order Module will generate a custom designed format which includes the Change Order information along with AIA required subtotals containing information such as the initial contract value, previous Change Order adjustments, newly proposed adjustment, and newly proposed contract value.

Send out AIA compliant client friendly forms for quick customer review and approval.

Change Order System Approval & Custom Approval Routing

The Change Order Management Module provides assigned and customizable approval routing based on your unique business needs. Leverage rules to assign an approver and notify for quick Change Order generation and approval, speed up internal turnaround time as well as maintain a system audit-able trail for the Change Order transaction.

Approve Change Order Page allows managers and any necessary employees to approve or reject all pending Change Orders from a designed summary page with all necessary Change Order information concisely compiled for quick glance review and time saving, simplified fast decision-making capability.

Load Approved Change Orders and link to Original Contracts

Use our Load Change Order functionality to pull any approved Change Orders to their respectively assigned contracts (Sales Orders) while maintaining the link for auditing and tracking the origin of all added Change Order line items to an existing Sales Transaction.

Any needed Change Order Edits after loading will be reflected automatically on Sales Transaction for guaranteed matching of Contract (Sales Order) and Change Order Items.

Project Summary Fields for On-Demand Change Order Review

Allow Project Managers and others to continually track their Contract Change Order totals with added Financial summary fields within the NetSuite Project Interface Form, which will display live values of your key contract and change order metrics including : Original Contract Value, Change Order Total, Pending Change Orders, and Un-Loaded Change Orders (Approved Change Orders that need to be loaded into Sales Order).

Also, a Change Order Tab on related records for an easy to navigate source for aggregated Change Orders within the NetSuite Project User Interface.

Change Order Log On-Demand Report

The Change Order Log gives your business an On-Demand Live Report to continuously access your business’ Change Order Log for Financial Impact Analysis and Resource Forecasting.  Continuously tracking Change Order KPI’s.